Server and storage virtualisation is a key element of the NetCentrix products and services portfolio. NetCentrix addresses the ever growing pressure to reduce a company’s carbon footprint. We are fully equipped to design and implement virtual server and storage environments to cater for your needs. By partnering with HP, Microsoft, LSI and VMware we are in position to deliver the best of breed hardware and software virtualisation solutions for our customers.

As a veteran in the storage virtualisation market NetCentrix can deliver flexible storage planning, dynamic volume expansion and elevated disk storage performance utilising industry standard hardware and software. We leverage the investment in existing storage solutions and are able to integrate these into a flexible storage environment to suite your business needs.

The benefits and opportunities that server virtualisation offers include server consolidation and server containment, thus reducing server sprawl. By adopting VMware ESX server and data replication technologies, NetCentrix ensure that physical and virtualised environments not only provide high availability and business continuity solutions, but vastly reduces a company’s carbon footprint.